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“Do something about it.” I had let my husband know that I was feeling lonely, and stuck. Living the D.C. area had been so great for so long, with all … Continue reading

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Stop, Drop and Do Nothing

As far back as elementary school, I’ve always had to do everything. If there was an office to run for, a club to join, a competition to enter, or a … Continue reading

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“IT’S OVER!!!” He yelled that at me on the phone, like he had yelled so many times before. In my face or through the door I don’t want to do … Continue reading

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The Year of the Jive

I may not set formal resolutions at the beginning of each new year since I know I will disappoint myself by March, but I can’t help but wonder about ways … Continue reading

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I got a call yesterday from Missy, my former employee, and every 5th sentence was, “I think you should come back.” I was both heartbroken and honored. During our first … Continue reading

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Life is Not in Pink

I was watching an episode of Absolutely Fabulous where Eddy was catering to a new French client. She wanted to sing in front of an audience, and the first song … Continue reading

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Do the Best You Can With What You’ve Got

During what seems like a lifetime ago, a group of RAs at my grad school were giving feedback/complaining to the department in charge of hiring and training us. A tiny … Continue reading

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